How To Get Toned Abs In 10 Steps

Want to improve your core? Looking for information on how to get toned abs? Wondering which is the best 6 pack abs diet?


If you are on the hunt for a sleek, firm midsection, there are a few tips that you should know and remember. When it comes to abs, nothing comes easy. Remember that and be prepared to work hard. There’s simply no sugar coating this one: if you want to get great looking abs, you need to be willing to put in the work to get there.


Fortunately, the following 10 steps will help you learn how to get defined abs in no time.



Step 1: Perfect Your Carb Intake

Of all the things that you could do to help yourself get great looking abs, managing your carb intake would be it. Carbohydrates have the power to put the body in a fat burning or fat storing state, so making sure that you are in the fat burning state is critical.


When forming your 6 pack abs diet plan, you’ll want to put the vast majority of your carbohydrates around your workout sessions. This is when your body needs those carbs most and is most likely to use them as an energy source.


Then later on in the day, keep your carbohydrate intake strictly limited to just vegetables as the primary source of carb. This will help to stabilize insulin levels, keeping you on an even keel all day long. That is what puts you into continual fat burning.



Step 2: Track Your Calories

Next, you must track your calories. Any 6 pack abs diet that does not have you tracking calories is not one that will deliver results.


After all, at the end of the day, weight loss really boils down to calories in versus calories out. You simply won’t move closer to seeing flat abs if you aren’t losing body fat.


Remember, everyone has abs. It’s just that for most people, there is a thick layer of fat covering their abs. So the trick to getting abs then is removing this layer of fat.


This is done through calorie manipulation. That doesn’t mean you should go starving yourself however. If you take your calorie intake too low, you’ll just hold onto body fat as your metabolic rate comes to a halt.


You want to reduce your calorie intake, but still provide sufficient calories that your body maintains its fat burning engine, so to speak.



Step 3: Perform Interval Cardio Training

On the exercise side of things, if you want to know what one of the best workout for abs is, interval training is it. Interval training works hard on the fat burning side of things because not only will you burn fat while doing interval training, but you will also burn fat for hours after you are finished as well.


Someone who does three interval cardio training sessions per week can expect to experience higher rates of fat burning all day long thanks to this boost. If the session is intense enough, you can see a faster calorie burn for up to 48 hours post-workout.



Step 4: Squat Heavy

Squatting heavy is the next must-do to get yourself on track to learning how to get defined abs. While it may seem odd to be performing a lower body exercise when your goal is to get abs, the fact is that squats not only help to increase your metabolic rate (thus helping you burn fat faster), but they also will call your core into play significantly as well.


When you squat heavy, your core muscles will act as stabilization muscles, staying contracted the entire time throughout the exercise. The end result is that they are getting far more stimulation than you may have thought.


Plus, squatting heavy will help the rest of your lower body grow and develop, which in turn can create the illusion of a slimmer waistline as well.


It’s a win-win as far as your body goes. Get squats into your workout program.



Step 5: Reduce Your Base Of Support

Another smart move to make when selecting the best gym exercises for abs is to try and include exercises that reduce your base of support as often as possible. When you are not as balanced as you go about an exercise, your abs will once again, be called into play.


While any exercise you do standing will integrate some core activation (as the abs are needed to keep you upright), there are certain exercises that can have this effect more than others.


For instance, single leg split squats are a fantastic exercise to use and will really get your core muscles contracting hard.


Likewise, single leg deadlifts are equally as good. In addition to that, you can also perform exercises standing on top of a bosu ball, which causes destabilization itself.


For instance, lateral or front raises standing on top of a bosu ball can be an excellent choice. Likewise, squats on the bosu ball will also create greater core activation.



Step 6: Use An Exercise Ball

Speaking of balls, when it comes to choosing the best exercise for abs, try and turn to the exercise ball as often as possible. Exercise balls also serve to destabilize the core area and will get your abs contracting harder with each rep you do.


Exercise ball crunches, prone ball roll-ins, the plank on an exercise ball – these are all great choices as far as exercise election goes.



Step 7: Stress Less

One major thing you must do if you hope to get great abs any time soon is to focus on decreasing your stress levels.


Stress causes the release of a hormone called cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) and it can actually encourage the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal region.


If you are a high stress individual, there’s a good chance you’re packing more fat than you have to.


Do whatever it takes to bring your stress levels down. This might mean writing in a journal, taking a hot bath each night, calling a friend, or doing something that gives you great joy and helps you forget whatever it is that you are so stressed about.


Learn what works for you and do that regularly.



Step 8: Sleep More

Next, focus on sleep. This might just be the best exercise for abs and it doesn’t even take place in the gym! Those who aren’t sleeping enough will experience insulin resistance, which sets you up for fat gain.


Likewise, your energy levels will be lower, meaning you can’t give as much effort to each workout that you do. On top of that, your hunger and food cravings may be higher, meaning you are going to experience a harder time sticking to and maintaining your fat loss diet plan.


Sleep cannot be stressed enough when it comes to getting flat abs. Aim to sleep at least seven hours each night, if not eight or nine.



Step 9: Watch Your Sodium

Sodium, while it won’t cause you to gain or lose body fat, can play a key role in how lean you look and therefore, how well you can see your abs.

As you start making progress with your program and get to that leaner state, you’ll want to be more careful about how much sodium you are consuming. One salty meal the night before can make your abs hardly visible, when the day before that, you could see them clearly.


Water retention is not permanent, but it can definitely cause discouragement to those who are working hard. Keep your sodium intake to a moderate level and be sure that you are drinking enough water regularly.



Step 10: Be Patient

Finally, last but not least, the step that no one wants to hear: be patient. That’s right, it’s going to take some time.


Those who try and rush the process, looking for quick fixes around every corner are only going to be met with disappointment. Know that if you have quite a bit of body fat to lose, it could be months before you start seeing your abs poking through.


If you are already quite lean, that process will move along more quickly, but even still, it’s not going to happen overnight.


For most people, abdominal fat is the last fat they tend to lose, so you’ll likely notice the rest of your body getting quite lean before you start noticing dramatic improvements in your ab definition.


Stick with it though and remind yourself that patience really is one of the best exercise for abs out there. If you can stay consistent over time, results will be yours.


So there you have the main steps that you need to take if you want to learn how to get toned abs. The biggest thing is making sure that you keep up your efforts over time as a few slip-ups here and there can really cause you to take a step back with your results.

November 30, 2016 by James Bix

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