The Best Sources Of Protein For Building Muscle

Wondering what the best protein to build muscle fast is? Understanding how much protein you should eat each day as you go about your muscle building plan is essential, as is learning the best muscle building protein choices to support your goals.


It’s important to note that not all protein sources are alike and some will be better suited to certain parts of your day.


Let’s give you some information to help you better understand the best protein for mass and how to integrate these into your day.



Protein Powder

Coming in at the top spot is protein powder. Which protein powder is ideal? The answer is that it depends. There are many different types of protein shakes out there and each type has its own unique benefits.


Whey protein isolate for instance is an ideal source of protein for taking immediately post-workout to kick-start the repair and rebuilding process.


On the other hand, a casein protein powder is an ideal option for those who are looking for the best protein for building muscle overnight. It’s slower digesting in nature, so will supply the steady stream of amino acids your muscles need for recovery and rebuilding purposes.


Finally, there are many types of protein supplements that are ideal for vegetarian eaters as well. For instance, you can go with an egg white protein powder if you include eggs in your diet, or a rice or hemp protein powder if you are completely vegan.


Whey protein powder is the best protein to build muscle fast as it’s so highly convenient. With it on hand, there’s no reason not to get your protein needs met.



Chicken Breast

Another terrific source of protein for muscle growth is chicken breast. Highly versatile, chicken breast is low in fat so excellent for promoting lean muscle gains.


Chicken breast is also relatively fast and easy to prepare and can be frozen for future use as well. Grill up a batch of 10-15 chicken breasts and then serve them throughout the week as needed in your diet plan.




Salmon is another can’t miss protein for muscle growth. This one is a great choice because not only will you get the high quality amino acids you need, but you’ll also take in a good dose of essential fatty acids as well. Namely, omega-3 fatty acids. Most people are currently not getting enough omega-3’s in their diet, so salmon can fill this void.


Omega-3 fatty acids are critical as they will support a healthy brain, they’ll help keep your heart in top shape, and they’ll also encourage better insulin sensitivity and ensure that you build quality lean muscle mass.


Salmon is also very low in mercury content, so it’s a fish variety that’s safe to have multiple times each week.


For best results, try and eat salmon two to three times per week.




Eggs are one of the cheapest protein options available in your diet plan, so yet another that you should consider turning to on a regular basis.


Poach them, scramble them, or serve them hard-boiled, you simply can’t go wrong with eggs.


If you eat the whole egg, you’ll be taking in some healthy saturated fat while if you choose to toss the yolk, you’ll instead keep your diet leaner, getting a straight source of protein.


It’s important to remember that many of the nutrients found in the egg are in the yolk, so adding one to two a day can be a wise idea. As long as you have no pre-existing heart problems, eating a couple eggs with your meals should not pose any threat to heart-health.


Beyond that, opt for egg whites to keep your calorie and cholesterol level in check.




No article on the best muscle building protein would be completed without the mention of steak. Lean beef should never be avoided in a muscle building diet plan as it not only provides an excellent source of protein, but also offers a number of other key vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally.


Steak is a rich source of iron, vitamin B12, as well as zinc, which are all nutrients that are key for optimizing exercise performance and energy levels.


Steak can also be prepared relatively fast and easily, and is another option that freezes quite well.


Just do be sure that you are paying close attention to the cuts of steak you purchase as not all steak is created equally. Choose the wrong cut and you’ll be taking in more fat than you are protein.



Cottage Cheese

Hands down, one of the best protein to build muscle at night is cottage cheese. Along with the casein protein powder as noted above, cottage cheese will digest very slowly in the body, releasing amino acids over a lengthy period of time.


This helps keep your body in an anabolic state, ensuring ongoing muscle growth is experienced during the overnight fasting period.


Cottage cheese also tends to fill you up quickly and keeps you satisfied, so it can be a great option for those who are dieting and struggling with hunger.


Try serving it with a little peanut butter for the perfect pre-bed snack.




Seafood, while a little more pricey of all the protein sources, is another excellent protein for muscle growth.


Seafood is rich in protein and while some varieties will contain fat, they contain the healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.


Seafood is also highly versatile and can be served cold, warm, or mixed into dishes. Try shrimp, scallops, oysters, or mussels when you need a change of pace from the everyday chicken breast you’re otherwise serving up.


As an added benefit, if you opt for oysters, you’ll also get a very powerful dose of zinc, which has been shown to help boost testosterone levels in men. As you are training hard with your workouts, the higher you can get your testosterone levels, the better.




Finally, the last notable best protein for muscle growth is plain milk. Whether you opt for low fat milk or a higher fat variety to get your calorie intake in, milk does supply you with around 10 grams of protein per cup.


If you are currently looking to build muscle quickly, it can help get your calories up without causing you to feel as full as some whole food sources of protein would. Most people do not register liquid calories like they do solid calories, so this can make meeting their calorie requirements easier.


Mix the milk with the protein powder noted above along with some frozen fruit, ground oats, and nut butter and you’ll have an excellent protein shake for building quality lean muscle mass.  


Milk is also one of the cheapest protein options for building muscle, so that’s yet another reason why many people turn to it in their quest for mass.


When answering the question of what is the best muscle building protein source, the answer is that there really is no one best source. Rather, you’ll want to include a variety of sources in your diet to ensure your amino acid needs get met and you never grow bored with your plan.

November 30, 2016 by James Bix

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